Use and maintenance of the equipment of the turnover stacker after the operation of the sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

The function of the organic fertilizer turning machine is to make the waste quickly decompose and shorten the fermentation cycle. The biggest advantages are crushing, aerobic, promoting microbial reproduction and quickly volatile water. High efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, even turning and throwing, it is an important tool in the production of biofertilizer project.
Maintenance of organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine:
1. No one should pass by the stacker before or after the production; ring the alarm before driving, and keep personnel away from the machine to prevent accidents.
2. During fertilizer manufacturing process, no maintenance or lubrication is required.
3. When turning over the organic fertilizer dumping machine, you must walk at the specified speed, and you must not work at speed.
Specification of organic fertilizer compost turner machine:

One. Inspection before commissioning
1. Check whether the lubricating oil of the reducer and each lubrication point is sufficient.
2. Check the power supply voltage, the rated voltage is 380V, the voltage drop is not less than 15% (ie 320V) cannot be higher than 5% (ie 400V), and you cannot drive when it exceeds this range.
3. Check whether the joints of the motor and electrical components are secure, and ground the motor with a wire to ensure safety.
4. Check whether the connecting parts and connecting bolts are firm. If they are loose, they should be tightened and welded.
5. Check the stacking height of the material.
Two. No-load test run
Run the manure turning equipment of the organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine. If the rotation direction is reversed, stop immediately and change the three-phase circuit connector to change the rotation direction. When the equipment is running, listen to the abnormal sound of the reducer and touch the bearings If the temperature is within the temperature range, observe whether the rotating stirring paddle is rubbing the ground.
Three. Load test run
1. First start the stacking equipment of the organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine, start the hoisting, and slowly put the turning and throwing drum to the bottom of the fermentation tank.
3. The electronic control system should work stably, be sensitive to start and stop, and be accurate in movement. During the above operation, if abnormal conditions are found, the machine should be shut down immediately to check and eliminate the fault.
4. During the process of turning the throwing machine, it is found that the leaves of the turning and throwing machine can prevent the equipment from starting to overload and damage the motor. Before turning the machine of organic fertilizer, check whether there is any accumulated material in front of the turning drum, and then lift the turning drum above the high accumulation point of the material in the tank.