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New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

This series of organic fertilizer granulator is a new patented product developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. It is designed and manufactured by the new technology of wet continuous push rod granulation. .....
Model: YSL~60/YSL~80/YSL~100      
Motor Power: 1.5-2.5/2.0-4.0/3.0-6.0
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The structure and mechanical transmission of the new type organic fertilizer granulator are relatively simple. The motor drives the granulator shaft to rotate at high speed through reducer or belt drive, and then the powder wet material is made into granules. The core components of the equipment are the granulating shaft and the spiral blades and stirring teeth on which it is mounted. Because of long-term use, the agitator teeth of granulator will inevitably wear or damage, often need surfacing operation to repair. Therefore, this new type organic fertilizer granulator designed by our company can adjust the mixing gear granulator shaft, which reduces the maintenance time and prolongs the service life of the granulator shaft.

Working Principle
The new organic fertilizer granulator is composed of the body part, the granulating rotor part and the transmission part.
The working principle of the new type organic fertilizer granulation machine is that the material enters the machine from one end of the body, which is continuously propelled by the granulation rotor and mechanically moving with the shell to achieve the purpose of granulation, and the finished particles are pushed out on the other end of the body.
The rotor is driven by the motor and reducer of the transmission part. The transmission part and the body part are mostly fixed on the same frame. It is not only strong in structure, stable in operation, but also very convenient in installation. New type organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for the characteristics of organic fertilizer raw materials with high humidity and many fibers, and is convenient for granulation.
Model Capacity Discharge Size (mm) Power (kW) Dimensions (mm)
YSL40 1-1.5 t/h 1-5 30 3650×1260×1200
YSL60 1.5-2 t/h 1-6 37 4180×1760×1080
YSL80 2-4 t/h 1-7 45 5050×1500×1360
YSL100 3-6 t/h 2-8 55 6470×1450×1560
YSL120 4-8 t/h 2-8 75 6650×1800×1090
YSL150 5-10 t/h 2-8 90 6840×2120×2200
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