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Ball Shaping Machine

This series of polishing machines is a new type of equipment: the granulating rate is more than 95%. The motor adopts flexible belt drive to start smooth, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment......
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In the production of bio-fertilizer and organic fertilizer, the raw materials can be processed into granules smoothly by flat die extrusion granulator, but the shape of products is not spherical, most of them are cylindrical. Irregular granules can make fertilization difficult and inconvenient to use. So the organic fertilizer ball shaping machine solves the problem of forming fertilizer particles. It is equipped behind the extrusion granulator and rounds irregular particles into more smooth spheres.
The ball shaping machine improves the pelletizing rate of fertilizer, makes the cylindrical particles roll to the pelletizing once, reduces the energy consumption of organic fertilizer production, and increases the output. After the machine is round, the surface of the product is uniform, the particle smoothness is higher, and the strength is large.
1. High yield. The ball shaping machine is flexible in the process of fertilizer production and can be used with one or several granulators simultaneously. It solves the disadvantage that one granulator and ball shaping machine must be equipped one to one, and avoids the problems of complicated fertilizer granulation production process, increased equipment investment and inconsistent quality of finished granules.
2. Organic fertilizer production line can be composed of two or more cylinders, material is discharged after several rounds. The final production process has high yield, uniform particle size and smooth appearance.
3. Ball shaping machine is strong, simple in design and easy to operate.
4. The power consumption of the ball shaping machine is small, and the cost of production is low and the return of investment is high.
5. Easy to operate and easy to maintain. Learn to operate according to the instructions.
Diameter Power(kW) Capacity(t)
PYS800-1 800mm 5.5 1-3
PYS800-2 800㎜ 11 1-3
PYS1000-1 1000㎜ 5.5 2-4
PYS1000-2 1000㎜ 11 2-4
PYS1000-3 1000㎜ 16.5 2-4
PYS1200-1 1200㎜ 7.5 3-6
PYS1200-2 1200㎜ 15 3-6
PYS1500-2 1200㎜ 30 4-8
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