Process technology of granulating organic fertilizer in pig manure organic fertilizer production line

The pig manure organic fertilizer production process is divided into pre-fermentation and post-granulation links. The fermentation link only needs a fermentation turning machine or fermentation turning and throwing machine equipment and a lot of equipment is used in the granulation link, generally it is necessary to purchase a complete set of pelletizing production line equipment. This article and you will learn more about the pelletizing equipment process technology of the pig manure organic fertilizer production line.

Pig manure organic fertilizer granulation production line technology:

1. Organic fertilizer raw materials accumulation and fermentation equipment- compost turning machine. It adopts a new design of one machine with multiple tanks to realize cyclic feeding and discharging, and cyclic fermentation.

2. New type of dry and wet material crusher-vertical crusher and horizontal crusher.

3. Fully automatic multi-warehouse batching machine-According to the customer's raw materials, it is designed as 2 warehouses, 3 warehouses, 4 warehouses, 5 warehouses, etc.

4. Mixing mixers-including vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, dual-shaft powerful mixers, drum mixers, etc.

5. Special organic fertilizer granulator for organic fertilizer including disc granulator, new type wet granulator, rounding machine, drum granulator, coating machine, etc. Choose a suitable granulator according to the characteristics of the raw material.

6. Rotary dryer-alias drum dryer, since the temperature of organic fertilizer can not exceed 80° during drying, the dryer adopts hot air drying mode.

6. The cooler is similar in appearance to the dryer, but the material and performance are different.

7. Screening machine-including drum type and vibrating type. The screening machine is divided into three-stage sieve, two-stage sieve, etc.

8. Particle coating machine-The appearance of the main machine is similar to that of the dryer and the cooling machine, but the internal structure is quite different.

9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine-including screw type and DC type, single head and double head, materials are stainless steel and carbon steel.