Bio organic fertilizer equipment sold to Nigeria

Last week, after the hard work of Huaqiang factory workers, a set of bio organic fertilizer disc granulation production equipment was manufactured and successfully sent to Nigeria.
Bio organic fertilizer equipment Nigeria

Biological organic fertilizer production equipment technology:

The raw materials are livestock manure, urban organic waste, straw and other raw materials for biological fermentation to produce organic fertilizer. The machine is suitable for continuous fermentation in organic fertilizer plant. It is a professional fertilizer machine developed by our company.

Equipment features: the machine has perfect technology, tight structure, short fermentation cycle (7-10 days), stable product quality and low energy consumption. The continuous aerobic fermentation was carried out by natural ventilation and the oxygen provided by the contact between materials and air during composting. The thickness of fermentation materials in the tank was 70-90cm, and the fermentation process realized automatic intelligent control.
Bio organic fertilizer equipment NigeriaBio organic fertilizer equipment Nigeria

Organic fertilizer production equipment scientifically uses chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure and crops to ferment and extract nutrients needed by plants. According to the production law and fertilizer demand characteristics of corn, wheat, melon and fruit and other crops, appropriate plant nutrients are added and processed by disc granulator to produce bio organic fertilizer meeting the standard. Bio organic fertilizer equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, high technology, low risk and low investment.