Roller granulator fertilizer making machine sold to Nigeria

Last week, Huaqiang factory had another fertilizer production line sent abroad. The fertilizer production line uses roller granulator to make powder raw materials into granules and process them into high-quality NPK fertilizer with better fertilizer efficiency. The picture below shows the delivery site of the organic fertilizer making machine sold to Nigeria.
Roller granulator fertilizer making machine sold to Nigeria

Installation of roller press granulator: in the installation process of pelletizer, the installation shall be coordinated with the process, and its height and horizontal position shall be determined, and the support shall be directly fixed on the machine.

Commissioning of double roller granulator: after the installation of dry roller pelleting machine, the machine to be debugged shall meet the production requirements of fertilizer. Under normal conditions, debugging includes:
Roller granulator fertilizer making machine sold to NigeriaRoller granulator fertilizer making machine sold to Nigeria

1. Adjustment of press roll clearance

Adjust the distance between the driven shaft and the steps according to the drive shaft of the production roll: stop, release the gland at both ends of the driven shaft, and when the rotation direction of the two parts is the same, the rollers between the two rollers will not collide.

2. External adjustment of socket

Axis adjustment: unload the shaft piece of the drive shaft, rotate the eccentric displacement and promote the active roll shaft corresponding.
Adjustment of circumferential positioning: loosen the passive gear and adjusting bolt after unloading, so that the slight adjusting sleeve and the driven gear are separated, and the rolling is to see the purpose of adjustment.