Fertilizer production machinery shipped to Jordan

The fertilizer production machinery of Huaqiang factory not only sells well in China, but also solves the agricultural production needs of many foreign countries and regions. Recently we have another order from Jordan. These are pictures of the fertilizer production line machinery destined for the port.
Fertilizer production machinery shipped to JordanFertilizer production machinery shipped to Jordan
Fertilizer production machinery shipped to JordanFertilizer production machinery shipped to Jordan
The fertilizer production line needs a series of processing, and the processing of organic fertilizer production line is more than NPK compound fertilizer, which is divided into three processes: pre-treatment, primary fermentation and post-treatment. Here's how the fertilizer production line works:

Processing steps of organic fertilizer production equipment

1. Pretreatment: after the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, weighed by the scale, sent to the mixing and mixing device, mixed with the organic wastewater of production and living in the plant, added with complex bacteria, roughly adjusted the water and carbon nitrogen ratio of the compost according to the ingredients of the raw materials, and mixed into the next process.

2. Primary fermentation: the mixed raw materials are sent to the primary fermentation tank by loader and piled up into fermentation piles. Forced ventilation is applied from the bottom of the fermentation tank by fan to supply oxygen. At the same time, the piles are turned over in about 2 days, and water (mainly organic waste water from production and living in the plant) and nutrients are supplemented. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 500c-650c and aerobic fermentation is carried out. This project is launched once The fermentation cycle is 8 days. Every day, one tank of semi-finished products is fed into one tank of raw materials. After the fermented semi-finished products are fed out, they are ready to enter the next process.

3. Post treatment: further screen the compost products, and treat the materials under the screen according to the water content. After granulation, the material under the sieve is sent to the drum dryer for drying. After the trace elements are added in proportion, the raw materials are stirred to make the finished organic fertilizer, which is then packaged and put into storage for sale. Screen the remaining materials and return them to the crushing process for reprocessing.

NPK fertilizer production process

The production steps of NPK compound fertilizer are similar to the subsequent deep processing of organic fertilizer. After compounding different fertilizer raw materials in proportion, use NPK fertilizer granulator to make granular fertilizer, then dry, cool, screen and pack.