Advantages of NPK Compound Fertilizer Produced by Double Roller Press Granulator

Double roller press granulator is an important fertilizer granulator machine in NPK compound fertilizer industry. It uses extrusion principle to form fertilizer granules with a diameter of 3.5-10 mm at a time, and the granulation rate is higher than 85%. Double roller granulator is a common granulation method in NPK fertilizer production process without drying at room temperature (moisture content 2%-5%). It has low cost and fast granulation, which can bring good economic benefits for investment of compound fertilizer.

Working principle of double roller press granulator
The double roller press granulator is the representative of fertilizer granulator machine adopting extrusion mode. Dry materials are compressed into hard and hard materials. The dense block under pressure is the extrusion process. Blocks are later crushed, screened and granulated, which is the granulation process. The function of extrusion is to extrude air between particles and make the distance between particles close enough to produce interaction force. The hardness of granules produced by rolling is mainly attracted by intermolecular forces. Our double roller press granulator is continuous extrusion of materials.

In NPK fertilizer production process, the advantages of roller granulator over other fertilizer granulator machine are as follows:
Double Roller Press Granulator for NPK Fertilizer Production
1. There is no drying system in the fertilizer processing technology of the roller press granulator. The fertilizer can be granulated at room temperature with 2%-5% moisture content. It is formed at one time and has low cost.

2. Rouble roller press granulator has small power, reliable motor, no waste discharge, stable granulation and convenient maintenance.

3. Roller granulator has wide adaptability to raw materials. It can be used for granulation of compound fertilizer (including organic fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, biological fertilizer and magnetic fertilizer), mineral powder, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials.

4. Advanced structure of this granulator, advanced technology and good economic benefits;

5. The popularity of rare earth fertilizer, ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer, ammonium persulfate fertilizer and other domestic fertilizer series production.