Biofertilizer Production Method and Benefits of Applying Biofertilizer

The application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, but its effective nutrient content is low and the fertilizer efficiency is slow. Biofertilizer can enhance soil fertility and enhance stress resistance and disease resistance, but biofertilizer itself does not contain nutrients. In response to the advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers, traditional organic fertilizers and biofertilizers. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers has developed a new type of compound biofertilizer, which has the function of biological bacteria activating soil and transforming soil nutrients. We also design the biofertilizer production method.

Benefits of applying biofertilizer
1 Biofertilizer has the characteristics of organically fertilized soil, improved soil and quick-acting function of inorganic nutrients to improve crop quality.

2 Biofertilizer can increase the nutrient content of nitrogen, organic matter, soluble phosphorus and soluble potassium in the soil, increase the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, and enhance the disease resistance, drought resistance and metabolic function of the crop.

3 Biofertilizer have a positive effect on increasing crop yield, improving crop quality, and increasing agricultural economic income.

Disc granulation biofertilizer production process
Since the powdered fertilizer has the advantages of easy agglomeration, uneven size, unfavorable mechanized application, inconvenience in transportation and storage, and serious use of biofertilizer, granulation of biofertilizer is an urgent need for actual production. Disc fertilizer granulator machine is more suitable for the production of biofertilizer.
biofertilizer production with disc fertilizer granulator machine

The effect of the production formula, pulverization fineness and water content of the powdered fertilizer on the granulation effect of the composite biofertilizer. The fermented organic fertilizer is crushed and screened, and then uniformly mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic fertilizer, and granulated by a disc fertilizer granulator. Disc fertilizer granulator machine is equipped with a spraying device to uniformly add water to the material, and the granulation is carried out according to an appropriate parameter in the production process of the biofertilizer to improve production efficiency.

The bio-fertilizer granules are dried and screened to obtain the fertilizer we need.