Characteristics of composting chicken manure with screw turner machine

Chicken manure compost turning machine is a special equipment for the production of bio organic fertilizer in a complete set of organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Chicken manure composting machine can effectively mix livestock manure, sludge, microbial agents and straw powder to create a higher aerobic environment for material fermentation. It can achieve heating in one day, deodorization in 3-5 hours, sterilization (able to kill virus and bacteria in feces) and fertilizer formation in seven days. It is not only faster than other mechanical fermentation methods, but also more efficient.

Chicken manure compost turning machine price

The price of the chicken manure turning machine varies. The price of the machine is different and the size is different. The specific price can be determined according to the scale of the user's organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the npk fertilizer granulator and the annual production volume.

Advantages of chicken manure organic fertilizer:

1. Promote the growth of crop roots.
The organic matter of organic fertilizer can also produce a variety of phenols, vitamins, enzymes, auxin and hormone like substances in the process of maturity, which can promote the growth of crop roots and the absorption of nutrients. Organic fertilizer can promote the growth of soil microorganisms and promote the absorption and utilization of crops. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter, which is a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms.

2. Organic fertilizer can increase crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products.
Under the condition of the same nutrient elements, the effect of organic fertilizer is better than that of chemical fertilizer when it is used as base fertilizer, and the effect of decomposed organic fertilizer is better than that of chemical fertilizer when it is used as topdressing. Therefore, in production, we use organic fertilizer granulator to mix organic matter with chemical fertilizer for granulation.

3. Reduce nutrient fixation and improve nutrient availability.
Organic fertilizer contains many organic acids, humic acids and other hydroxyl substances, which have strong chelating ability and can chelate with many metal elements to form chelates, which can prevent the soil from fixing these nutrient elements and failure.

4. Accelerate the formation of soil aggregates and improve soil physical and chemical properties.