Compound fertilizer production equipment is classified according to product use


1. General purpose compound fertilizer production equipment: in China, compound fertilizers with equal contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are called general-purpose fertilizers, such as 15-15-15.16-16-16, etc. Because this kind of fertilizer can be used on all kinds of soil and crops, it is also called "fool fertilizer". The prominent disadvantage of universal compound fertilizer is its poor pertinence to soil and crops.

2. Compound fertilizer production equipment: the formula of professional compound fertilizer is mainly determined according to the nutritional characteristics of crops and soil nutrients. It is only applicable to a certain crop or stage in a certain city, such as tobacco, grass, apple special fertilizer, etc. it has a certain specificity between classes and a certain universality among the same kind.

3. Multi functional compound fertilizer equipment: the traditional compound fertilizer added with pesticides or plant growth regulators is called multi-functional compound fertilizer. Multifunctional compound fertilizer can improve the quality of crops, enhance the disease resistance of crops, improve the soil, and increase production and efficiency obviously.

According to the classification of fertilizer dosage form, it can be divided into solid compound fertilizer and liquid compound fertilizer, and solid compound fertilizer can be divided into granular, powdery and crystalline forms.