How to deal with abnormalities in equipment when producing biofertilizer

Biofertilizer production equipment is mainly used in compound fertilizer, Bio-bacterial fertilizer, bentonite, crop straw, biogas residue, humic acid organic fertilizer, animal manure organic fertilizer, rice husk, domestic waste and various crude fibers are granulation processing. Bio-organic fertilizer can improve soil ecological environment and soil microflora, and play a more important role in reducing crop diseases and insect pests. Biofertilizer production equipment is widely used in agriculture.

In the biofertilizer production, flat die granulator is usually used as granulating equipment. The granulator machine has low material requirements and high granulation rate. An important way to avoid abnormalities in biofertilizer production is maintenance.

1. When the granulator is stored, dust should be removed and hygiene should be maintained in time for the chassis plane of the moving device. In order to avoid the product encounter material that can not be broken when the movable bearing can not move smoothly on the chassis, and then lead to serious accidents.

2. Good lubricating oil has a great help to bearing life, so operators should ensure that the injected lubricating oil is clean and well sealed as far as possible.

In the process of fertilizer granulator machine, if the load current of the main motor is too small, the possible reasons for the operation current less than 60% are as follows:
1. The feed rate is too low and the granulator does not meet the pressure range required for granulation.
2. The content of urea nitrogen in raw materials is too high. The flat die extrusion granulator extrudes the material into long strips, which can not be rounded into granules.
3. Because of the high moisture content of raw materials, the fertilizer granulator can not extrude the granules into long strips, and can not throw them into round granules.
Solution: Adjust raw material moisture or formula, adjust feed rate.
flat die extrusion granulator

If the current fluctuation of the granulating load is too large to exceed the rated current value during the operation of the flat die extrusion granulator, the possible reasons are as follows:
1. The material impurities are too thick and too much plugging the die hole, which causes the pressure in the granulation area to be too high.
2. The crude fibre content of raw materials is too high. The water content is too low or uneven, the extrusion pressure is too high and the temperature is too high.
Solution: Adjust the raw material moisture or formula, sift the raw materials, remove the impurities, and then granulate, remove the abrasive tools of the granulator, and clean the impurities inside.