Development trend of NPK compound fertilizer production plant

Any NPK fertilizer containing more than two main elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in chemical fertilizer is called compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer. At the same time, NPK compound fertilizer can also contain one or several minor nutrient elements or micronutrient elements with marked content. So what is the trend of NPK compound fertilizer production? What should we pay attention to in NPK fertilizer production?

Development Trend of NPK Fertilizer Production
The experience of developing compound fertilizer in developed countries shows that the development of compound fertilizer has caused changes in the structure of fertilizer production and the market for fertilizers. The large-scale production equipment and product simplification are more in line with the objective economic laws of fertilizer production. It is more advantageous for a fertilizer plant to be established in a raw material producing area than in an agricultural area, but it is difficult to meet the agricultural requirements of various production conditions. There is a two-stage processing production structure. Large-scale fertilizer plants are generally built in raw material production areas, and concentratedly produce a small number of chemical fertilizers or intermediate products. They are mainly liquid ammonia, urea, nitric acid, heavy superphosphate, phosphoric acid, and phosphoric acid. Bells and potassium chloride are called basic fertilizers. They are then transported to agricultural areas for a second processing in accordance with local agricultural fertilization requirements.
npk fertilizer production

Secondary Processing Granulation in NPK Compound Fertilizer Production
We are fertilizer machine manufacturers with many years of experience in the production of fertilizer equipment, providing NPK fertilizer production machinery and a variety of fertilizer manufacturing processes. Our NPK fertilizer production equipment includes fertilizer granulator, crusher, mixer, rotary drum dryer, screening machine, automatic packaging machine and so on. The production and use of compound fertilizer is to meet the requirements of scientific or economic fertilization in agriculture. We have professional engineers who can plan fertilizer manufacturing process according to user requirements. Fertilizer factories use NPK fertilizer production line to process basic fertilizers for the second time to produce commercial fertilizers that meet local soil requirements.