Disc wet granulation is the preferred configuration of fertilizer production line

The supporting equipment of the fertilizer granulation production line includes: compost turner machine, crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, belt conveyor, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, automatic packaging machine for finished products. Fertilizer production line can not do without pelletizer, but in pelletizing equipment, disc wet granulator has become a classic, why?
disc wet granulator equipment

There are five reasons why the disc granulator is widely used:

1. The disc pelletizer has a new structure, reducing weight and height. The layout of fertilizer production process is flexible and convenient, which is suitable for the transformation of old plants.

2. The tilt angle of the large plate can be adjusted. The angle gasket is flexible and convenient for adjustment.

3. The granulation machine adopts the unique non power combination scraper integration to reduce the auxiliary power consumption.

4. The large plate is composed of the plate body and the plate section to reduce the power of the main motor. In addition, the disc joint can be adjusted up and down along the disc body.

5. New design of the disc granulator, the edge cleaning and bottom cleaning by the combination scraper without power, the angle cleaning scraper winding up the angle, with the unique processing technology of the disc body, the effect of dredging into a ball is good without big mud, the diameter of the material ball is 90% in 3-5mm.

The advantage of selecting disc granulation production line is that the whole set of equipment is easy to operate, the adjustable range is large, and the finished product particles are round. This wet granulation line has been regarded as the preferred configuration of fertilizer granulation!