Feasible and simple method of sawdust fermentation

Sawdust, generally speaking, is the product of wood processing. There are many sawdust sources in many places, but the pile of sawdust brings great pressure to the environment, especially when the wind blows, the sawdust flying all over the sky has a great impact on the local environment. Sawdust is a very good fertilizer resource with a wide range of uses. The fermented sawdust can be used as nutrient soil ingredients for nursery stock, flower matrix, organic fertilizer, crude protein feed for low animals, etc.

It is difficult to ferment in natural accumulation and the fermentation time is very long. How to ferment sawdust to produce organic fertilizer quickly and simply? Using Huaqiang organic fertilizer production equipment can realize industrial assembly line processing, and sawdust can be fermented in about 20 days. The operation method is simple and fast, without a lot of manpower, and the fermented sawdust matrix fertilizer is rich in nutrition and many other advantages.
sawdust make organic fertilizer

Simple method of sawdust fermentation to produce fertilizer

1. Prepare materials. Sawdust, fresh feces, rice bran, wheat bran or urea, and fermentation agent, etc., dilute 3% urea aqueous solution with water.
2. Dilute the bacterial agent. Mix and dilute the fermentation agent with rice bran or wheat bran, stir evenly for standby.
3. Adjust the moisture. It is very important to control the moisture content of sawdust by adjusting the moisture content of sawdust to about 65% and adding fresh feces or urea water during the adjustment.
4. Piles of materials. Stack the sawdust materials prepared in advance into piles with a pile height of 1.5m and a width of 2m. The pile height of fermentation sawdust is very important. Only when the fermentation temperature reaches the standard height, can it be maintained. Too low pile height affects the fermentation temperature, and too long pile height affects the oxygen content. Raw materials can also be put into a fermentation tank for fermentation.
5. Fermentation overturned. Under normal temperature, the temperature of fermentation pile can reach above 50 ℃ on the second day and above 65-70 ℃ on the third day. In this way, it can be turned over for three to five days. During the turning over, check the water content of the material, which is not enough to supplement water.
6. Fermentation complete. Generally, the fermentation of sawdust can be completed in about 20 days, during which the sawdust is turned over for three times and four times, and the fermented sawdust is gray black or black brown with soil or wine flavor, and the constant temperature of the material pile is not kept at the temperature, indicating that the fermentation is completed. After fermentation, NPK fertilizer granulator can be used to make particles, which can be sold.

Huaqiang organic fertilizer production equipment deals with sawdust, which has the advantages of stable performance, fast temperature rise, and less nutrient loss. The whole set of equipment can be used to deal with the substrate of seedlings and flowers, waste mushroom dregs, garden wastes, dead branches and leaves, etc. the operation is simple, and the effect of organic fertilizer is good after further treatment by fertilizer granulator.