How to adjust the disc granulator to produce fertilizer in the best state

In the process of using organic fertilizer production equipment, if strictly abide by the precautions in the operation process, it will effectively improve the granulation rate, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the equipment. So from the following aspects, we can adjust the disc granulator to make the fertilizer production reach the best state.

1. Strictly control the quality of powder

(1) It is strictly forbidden to have iron block, stone larger than 10 mm and wood block larger than 10 mm in raw material discharging and feeding of fertilizer production line. Rice bran and sand can not exceed the quality index, too much will seriously cause low output of disc granulator.
(2) According to the formula of NPK compound fertilizer, the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizer should be carefully controlled.

2.Reform the new type of blade in the disc

The blade of disc granulator is good, and the size of the granule is uniform and beautiful. The blade is divided into front blade and rear blade, and there is no gap between the two blades.
disc granulator

3. The main technical key to operate the disc granulator

(1) Do a good job in the technical training of staff before operation, improve the technical quality and operation skills of workers.
(2) The particle size of compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.

4. Select and adjust the nozzle of disc granulator

(1) The working mechanism of the nozzle must be mastered when selecting the nozzle
According to hydrodynamics, it has been proved that the bigger the pressure is, the smaller the through hole is, and the bigger the droplet diffusion surface is. Under the same pressure, the spray hole of the nozzle is small and the droplet density is small, while the spray hole is large, the droplet density is high.

(2) How to choose the model and specification of the nozzle
The smaller (or larger) droplet of feed liquid is, the smaller (or larger) particle size is, and the lower (or higher) yield of fertilizer production line is.
The denser (or thinner) the droplets are, the more (or less) they are made and the higher (or lower) the output is.