Common tank fermentation and tower fermentation: how to ferment in organic fertilizer fermentation tank


Manure organic fertilizer fermentation tank is a device for closed fermentation of aquaculture manure, also known as reactor. The organic fertilizer fermentation tank enables the whole process of composting to be conducted in a closed environment, reducing the secondary pollution to the environment. At the same time, it can improve and promote the metabolism of microorganisms. During the fermentation process, through measures such as material mixing and ventilation, the rapid composting reaction can be realized. It has the advantages of short fermentation cycle, high mechanization, centralized treatment of odor, and good control of water, temperature, oxygen concentration and other conditions in the fermentation process, with high controllability. In addition, the winter in Xinjiang is cold, and the traditional composting method is slow in fermentation under the cold climate conditions, with a long cycle. Therefore, it is of great significance to explore the fermentation process in fermentor and take the technology of organic manure production in fermentor as a supplement to traditional composting.

There are three common methods of organic fertilizer fermentation: bar fermentation, tank fermentation and tower fermentation. Strip stack organic manure fermentation is a common method used by small and medium-sized farmers in rural areas at present. It is characterized by large land area, long production cycle, about two months, simple process, simple related equipment and low cost. It is suitable for breeding farms with small scale, far from the urban area and certain land for composting; The tank type fermentation is especially suitable for low temperature areas and cold seasons because it can establish an enclosure structure in the fermentation tank. Its characteristic is that the floor area is about one-third of that of the bar type. The fermentation cycle and cost are between the bar type and the tower type. It takes about one month, and the fermentation efficiency is greatly improved; Tower type organic fertilizer fermentation is less applied in China. It is characterized by the smallest floor area and the highest efficiency. The fermentation cycle is only one week, but the investment is large and the equipment cost and equipment maintenance cost are the highest.