Main installation procedures of equipment in organic fertilizer production line

With the development of green agriculture, the demand for organic fertilizer products is increasing. Organic fertilizer production equipment is gradually developing towards large-scale and automated development. In particular, the larger and larger the equipment of the Huaqiang factory, the design structure and manufacturing technology have new improvements, and the requirements for installation technology are also higher. Here Huaqiang Enterprise takes large-scale organic fertilizer complete equipment as an example, to introduce the installation process of organic fertilizer production line to users.

Fertilizer pelletizing equipment is the main machinery of the whole organic fertilizer production line project. We designed NPK fertilizer granulator, which adopts double slide shoe bearing. Compared with hollow shaft mill of the same specification, slide shoe bearing mill has the advantages of high strength, stability and high output of mill barrel. In the whole process, it is very important. Therefore, during the installation, we must pay special attention to the construction, adopt scientific construction methods and advanced technical detection methods, and strictly control the quality of each installation process, so as to ensure its high-quality, efficient and long-term stable work.
installation procedures of equipment in organic fertilizer production line

The installation steps of the organic fertilizer production equipment are complex and there are many processes, the most important of which are:

1. Foundation acceptance. Prepare for equipment installation and carefully inspect the foundation. This is the first and most basic process.

2. The standard plate embedding and foundation marking work can measure the size for the assembly of the organic fertilizer production line equipment, which is also one of the preparatory work.

3. Check the equipment out of the warehouse. In addition to the general inspection of the equipment, it is also important to check the contact between the sliding shoe bearing bush and the sliding ring of the dryer barrel.

4. When installing the fertilizer granulator, first install the base, and then tighten the foundation bolts.

5. General assembly and commissioning. After the sliding shoe bearing is installed and other components are assembled, a lot of debugging work must be done on the equipment before the operation of the organic fertilizer production line equipment can be carried out.