Key items for installing chicken manure dehydrator organic fertilizer equipment

Chicken manure dehydrator is a special equipment for fecal treatment, and it is used for organic fertilizer making machine in pretreatment stage. The device is easy to operate and has been highly praised by users. What should be noted during installation?

1. Inspection of the base: the first is the basic quality of concrete pouring and scale orientation error: the appearance of the surface is clean, free of pollution, dust, sundries, cracks, no residual shell orifice and other forging defects. The basic scale and azimuth errors shall be in accordance with the following requirements: appearance and basic positioning scale, with the straightness and horizontal axis difference less than 20mm. Elevation difference is less than 20mm.
chicken manure dehydrator organic fertilizer equipment
2. Device skills: basic setup. Clean, inspect, transport and hoist parts in place. Debug the job, adjust the order and content. Device process. It mainly consists of some and key components, device process, quality requirements for detailed inspection methods, technical specifications, error scale, and required things. Safety skills need to develop device operation to prevent possible incidents. It is necessary to adopt safety measures and hoisting operation instructions. The key points of the device procedure are some, especially precautions. Potential hazards and preventive measures for electric wires, pipelines and other matters at the work site.

3. Inspection of equipment: the packing list, equipment, parts, components, and standard control components provided by the manufacturer, such as random component inspection, check whether there are any missing parts, deformations and damages, and make a record. In order to prepare for purchase or installation, remove the maintenance coating and dust, petroleum processing, rust and other packaging, and check and correct the damage during the loading and unloading deformation process. Key parts, accessories, predictive inspection and assembly to prevent re-installation and ensure the quality and installation of the installation. The dehydrated raw materials are fermented and then processed by the drum granulator to become organic fertilizer products.