Three main links in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process of chicken manure, cow manure and pig manure

Organic fertilizer equipment handles animal manure such as chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure, etc. The process of the whole fertilizer manufacturing process can be simply divided into three parts: pre-treatment, composting and granulation. The fertilizer treated by the organic fertilizer equipment is green and environmentally friendly, and the organic fertilizer after fermentation has no toxic side effects.

1. The organic fertilizer equipment needed for feces pre-treatment is the fermentation compost turner: after the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, the organic biological fermentation complex bacteria (1-2kg per ton of raw materials) are added, and the proportion and water content are adjusted according to the ingredients of raw materials, and the next process is started after mixing. Note: the compost raw materials should be treated several hours in advance and soaked with water. The water used to dilute the biological fermentation bacteria should be drinking water without disinfectant.
organic fertilizer fermentation

2. Composting and fermentation of organic fertilizer manufacturing process: the mixed raw materials are sent to the fermentation and composting workshop by forklift bin and piled into fermentation piles. 2 days later, the compost shall be turned over, and the material water shall be supplemented according to the situation. The fermentation temperature shall be controlled at 50℃-65℃, so that the material can be aerobic fermented. The fermentation cycle of fecal waste is 8-15 days. New materials can be fed into the fermentation tank regularly to recover the compost after fermentation. One raw material and one semi-finished product are fed into the fermentation tank every day. After the semi-finished organic fertilizer is discharged, it is ready to enter the next process.
chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

3. Organic raw material granulation: The composted product is pulverized and sieved, and the granules are sieved out, sent to the dryer for drying, and various additives are added in proportion. After the materials are stirred and mixed, the organic fertilizer granulator is used to prepare the finished pellets. The organic fertilizer granules are sieved after being dried and cooled, and the sifted unqualified granules are returned to the pulverization link of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to continue the operation.