Note on the use of the Roller Skin of Double Roller Press Granulator

After a long period of use, the roll surface will be worn or damaged due to the high pressure and material corrosion of the roll skin. After the surface of the roll is worn out, the semi-circular spherical pit becomes shallow and flat gradually. The distance between the two rolls will increase, the compaction effect will become worse, the material can not form effective extrusion, the strip of the material produced is more, the particles are less, the density is not enough, the quality is poor, the effective particles can not be formed, and the output of the finished product will decrease.
At the same time, the amount of returning material in the NPK fertilizer production is increased. Due to the limited processing capacity of the certain type of roller press granulator per unit time, the load of the granulator equipment is increased, and the wear of the equipment is accelerated.

Therefore, if the service life of the equipment is long, it is necessary to check the roll state regularly. Especially when it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to clean the roll surface and brush the waste oil to prevent the surface from rusting. Through careful maintenance of the above methods, the roller skin will always be in a good working state, and will not cause equipment scrap because of too fast wear, ensuring the stable and efficient operation of the double roller press granulator.

At present, the ball sockets on the roller skin of the double roller press granulator are in the shape of a flat ball, but in the actual NPK fertilizer production, the shape and size of the ball socket can be processed into various shapes according to the needs of the user, and a large range is available. The shape of the ball and socket of the granulator roll skin is selected from the group consisting of a pillow shape, a semi-spherical shape, a rod shape, a pill shape, a walnut shape, a flat spherical shape, and a square strip shape.
granule of double roller press granulatorgranule of double roller press granulator