NPK Complex Fertilizer Production Process Analysis and Solid Aggregation Method

The products of different NPK complex fertilizer production processes are different in physical and chemical characteristics, apparent structure and internal structure. Which lead to differences in nutrient release, soil acidity and rhizosphere nutrient changes, thus affecting the relationship between nutrient release rate in soil and nutrient supply and demand in soil, and ultimately these differences lead to crop growth. Differences in yield and fertilizer efficiency.

Therefore, the difference in fertilizer efficiency of different process complex fertilizers is due to the difference in physical and chemical properties and structural characteristics of complex fertilizers themselves, and the difference in manufacturing process. To improve crop yield and fertilizer efficiency, the NPK fertilizer production process must be improved first.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process-Solid Agglomeration Method:
This fertilizer production agglomeration method uses single base fertilizer (such as urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, sulfuric acid) as raw materials. After crushing to a certain fineness, the raw materials are agglomerated and granulated in the drum of the rotary drum granulator by adding water and heating. In the granulation process, it is also possible to add a small amount of phosphoric acid and ammonia to the rotary drum granulator to improve the granulation conditions for NPK fertilizer production. The granulated material is dried, sieved and cooled to obtain a composite fertilizer product, which is one of the widely used methods in the world. This method was used in the early United States, India, Japan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.
Solid Aggregation Method NPK Complex Fertilizer Production

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