Organic fertilizer equipment double screws turning machine

In the process of organic fertilizer production and fermentation, turning over is an important link, which affects the contact degree between material and air, and ensures that the material achieves good fermentation effect.
Double screws turning machine is the core equipment for industrial harmless treatment of livestock husbandry, municipal refuse and municipal sewage sludge. The machine has reasonable design structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high automation, easy to use, low cost and wide application. It is a highly effective model welcomed by users, often used in organic fertilizer production line.

Double screws turning machine is a kind of turning mixing equipment suitable for walking on fermentation tank. A track is laid on the fermentation tank, and the turning machine moves forward and backward on the fermentation tank through a walking structure. Under the transportation of the walking mechanism, the high-speed turning wheel of the turning machine breaks up and throws the fermented materials, scatters the materials and realizes mixing and stirring. The setup of fermentation tank enables the turning machine to move from one fermentation tank to another, thus realizing the multi-tank operation of one machine.
Organic fertilizer equipment double screws turning machine
The turning machine is composed of transmission device, lifting device, walking device and turning device. The motor directly transfers power to the reducer, and the spiral reamer is connected with the output coupling of the reducer. The spiral reamer can lift the material in the fermentation tank from the bottom of the tank to the upper level of the stack, and turn over and stir to move to the position of 0.2-1.5 m away. It has the effect of fast turning over and even stirring, thus achieving full contact between the material and air, and making the fermentation effect of the material better.