Notes on pH value of fermented manure in organic fertilizer machine composting

In the process of organic fertilizer machine composting, there are many factors that affect the fermentation of manure and other organic wastes, including carbon to nitrogen ratio, moisture, particle size and pH. This article mainly explains the influence of pH on fecal fermentation and organic waste fermentation. Unsuitable pH affects the reproduction, decomposition and survival of fermenting bacteria. Although scholars in the biological research field have certain differences on the appropriate absolute value of pH for fecal fermentation, they all agree that fermenting bacteria are suitable for growth in a neutral or alkaline environment. The neutral or alkaline environment is conducive to the reproduction and decomposition of fermenting bacteria. And survive.

When the pH value is too low, it is mainly affected by too much water or too fine materials. At this time, manure and other organic waste fermentation is easy to become anaerobic state. When it becomes anaerobic state, the accumulation of organic acids can reduce the pH value to less than 4.5, which is that the activity of fermentation bacteria in compost is seriously affected, and it stops and goes into dormancy or death. At this time, we need to use the manure dumper to supply oxygen to the materials. After the dumper, the materials are relatively ventilated, and the oxygen content is sufficient, which can make the pH environment of manure and other organic wastes return to the normal range. The compost is granulated by drum granulator.
organic fertilizer machine composting

If the pH value is too high, the activity of many fermentation bacteria will be reduced, and the decomposition and reproduction of materials will not be carried out. If the pH value is higher than 11.5, a large number of fermentation bacteria will start to die, resulting in denaturation of protein in the fermentation materials and inactivation of enzyme protein, thus affecting the fermentation cycle and the quality of organic fertilizer.

Common fermentation raw material pH value does not need to be adjusted, do not need to adjust the pH are: farm manure, sewage treatment plant sludge, straw, peat, mushroom residue, etc. The pH value of normal composting fermentation environment is 5-9. If the pH value is higher than 9 during fecal fermentation, it needs to be adjusted by adding ferric chloride, alum, strong acid or compost return material. If the pH value is lower than 4, it can be adjusted by adding lime and peat ash. Proper adjustment of pH value during fecal fermentation can affect the fermentation environment and facilitate the growth of fermentation bacteria, Propagation and decomposition shorten the fermentation cycle and enhance the quality of organic fertilizer from fermentation materials. NPK fertilizer granulator can produce high-quality fertilizer.