Several major components of fertilizer production line

For people who are new to the fertilizer industry, what processes the fertilizer production line consists of are still relatively vague. Huaqiang organic fertilizer making machine manufacturer will come to share with you which parts of the fertilizer production line.
fertilizer production line

Pellet machine

The core part of the fertilizer production line is granulation, so the fertilizer granulator is essential. The model selection of the pellet machine is determined according to the user's output. We provide rotary drum granulator, NPK fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator, etc.


In view of the diversity of users' raw materials, our organic fertilizer production line equipment is designed with a crushing part. We know that materials with too large diameter cannot be directly pelletized, and the NPK fertilizer production line must also crush the raw materials. Therefore, before granulation, we need to crush the raw materials to achieve the granulation effect, and the crushed materials can enter the pellet machine. Of course, users with sufficient material fineness can omit this link when designing organic fertilizer equipment.


The humidity of material particles should be controlled below 25%. Therefore, for some raw materials with initial humidity above 25%, the drying process should be carried out first, and then the next step of processing should be carried out after the drying material reaches the corresponding humidity. The particles are also dried. Of course, users with enough moisture in the material can omit this link when designing the fertilizer production line.

Other parts

After granulating, it is transported to the fertilizer granulator by belt conveyor to shape the granules, which has reached the perfect spherical organic fertilizer granules. For users who have demand, we will design a packaging link at the end to directly package the final products, which has perfectly realized the automatic production of the whole production line equipment.