Small fertilizer granulation machine cost performance of roller granulator

The cost performance of fertilizer double roller granulator is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
roller granulator fertilizer production line

1. The double roller press granulator is relatively small in size and occupies a small area, which can effectively save the investment of the processing plant.

2. Since the roller granulator extrudes materials by gear rolling and volumetric compression, it has a wider range of materials and is especially suitable for the granulation of thixotropic materials.
3. The bearing frame of the double roller press granulator adopts casting integral parts, which effectively guarantees the stability of power input, and at the same time, it also guarantees the lubrication and sealing performance of the transmission gear.
4. The organic fertilizer production equipment with roller extrusion pelletizer as the core is mainly composed of: horizontal mixer, double roller press granulator, pan feeder, screening machine, finished product silo, packaging machine, belt conveyor machine. The investment in the organic fertilizer production line is based on the degree of automation of the output, which requires an investment of more than 40,000 US dollars. The complete set of extrusion pelleting equipment has the advantages of compact and reasonable layout, low investment, low energy consumption, small floor space and high output.

5. The pelletizer machine as the core of fertilizer production line has wide adaptability of raw materials, which is suitable for granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials, with high product granulation rate.

6. Roller extrusion pelletizer  has good expansibility for capacity requirements. Because of its reasonable structure, the machine can not only meet the small-scale processing requirements of small output and 1.5 tons per hour, but also realize the combination of multiple granulators according to the needs. A set of fertilizer production line can assemble 4 granulators in each group, which can realize nearly 20 tons per hour in each group. It can also be expanded to multiple groups to meet the requirements of greater production capacity.

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