Three key steps for processing organic fertilizer products

The fermented manure is further processed into organic fertilizer products and can be sold. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process deals with decomposed compost mainly in the following three key steps.

1. Stir. Add auxiliary materials to the compost raw materials according to the formula ratio, and mix the raw materials and auxiliary materials uniformly through an organic fertilizer mixer. If it is pure sheep manure organic fertilizer, skip this step.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
2. Crush. The raw material is crushed to a uniform size by an organic fertilizer crusher. After crushing, the raw material has a fine appearance and even organic content. If someone buys the crushed organic fertilizer, it can be sold.

3. Granulation. Some markets are keen on granular organic fertilizer, so it needs to be further processed into granular organic fertilizer, using organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator machine and other equipment. Granulation equipment processes powdery organic fertilizer into granular organic fertilizer. Granular organic fertilizer has higher quality, more popularity and higher price.