What are the countermeasures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment?


Failure of organic fertilizer equipment will affect the normal work progress, delay the production plan and cause production loss. We believe that organic fertilizer enterprises should carry out measures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment, so as to save capital for enterprise production.

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Countermeasures to reduce failures of organic fertilizer equipment:

(1) Maintaining the initial and basic state of the organic fertilizer equipment and maintaining the original design parameters: This is the most basic work, that is, the first step to reduce the failure of the organic fertilizer equipment is to restore the basic state of the organic fertilizer equipment;

(2) Strictly abide by the operating procedures to prevent and avoid destructive operation and overload operation: most organic fertilizer equipment problems are caused by improper operation or inadequate maintenance, and the significance of standardizing staff behavior is to prevent and reduce organic fertilizer equipment problems caused by such simple reasons;

(3) Continuously discover, prevent and repair the natural deterioration, so that the organic fertilizer equipment can be repaired in the potential failure state: the significance of independent maintenance is to find problems at the first time through the participation of front-line staff, comprehensively standardize production maintenance, and promote the discovery and removal of six sources. One of the most important links is to solve the problem of the failure source

(5) Prevent man-made deterioration, man-made damage and destructive maintenance;

(6) Control any abnormal external conditions and accelerate the deterioration of organic fertilizer equipment.