What is humic acid organic fertilizer and its benefits

Humic acid organic fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer mainly containing humic acid. It takes humic acid as the main mechanism, adds some nutrients necessary for plant growth and development, and forms an organic fertilizer through scientific preparation. At the same time, humic acid is listed as the green source of fertilizer organic matter, and it is also loved by many farms. Below organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers to talk about its benefits.

Benefits of applying humic acid organic fertilizer

1. It can improve the germination rate and emergence rate of seeds, and can germinate 1-3 days earlier. It can promote the development of crop root system, increase the number of roots, increase the weight of roots and enhance the absorption capacity of roots to nutrients. On the ground, the seedlings are tall, the stems are thick, the leaves are big and green, and the growth is robust. In addition, because humic acid organic fertilizer is black, it can deepen the color of soil and increase the absorption of sunlight. Moreover, humic acid can promote the decomposition of soil beneficial microorganisms, generate heat, and increase the ground temperature by 1 ℃ - 3 ℃, so it can enhance the cold and frost resistance of crops. Disc granulator is suitable for fertilizer processing of humic acid and other raw materials.
humic acid organic fertilizerhumic acid organic fertilizer
2. Humic acid can increase the buffer capacity of soil, improve the acid soil, and transform the saline alkali soil. There are many acid soils in some areas. After the application of humic acid fertilizer, humic acid will react with iron and aluminum plasma in the soil to form a new compound. In addition, the buffering effect of humic acid itself can reduce the acidity of acid soil. In arid areas, humic acid fertilizer can change the structure of soil surface, increase the aggregate structure, destroy the condition of salt rising, and play a role of "salt separation".

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer. You can buy NPK fertilizer granulator according to your actual needs, and use the equipment to make the fertilizer products you need. Humic acid organic fertilizer has the special effects of drought resistance, loosening soil, increasing ground temperature, improving soil pH, stimulating crop growth, etc. how much is a set of equipment for processing humic acid organic fertilizer? What is the standard of humic acid organic fertilizer? More fertilizer production content, welcome to consult.