What is a walking turner machine (Windrow compost turning machine)

Organic fertilizer fermentation turner machine has many kinds, which can be divided into trough turner machine and walking turner machine. Windrow compost turning machine is a kind of walking turner machine which has been studied and improved by our company for many years. It is very different from organic compost trough turner machine. This kind of turner machine does not need to build fermentation trough, but can compost in an open field.
Organic fertilizer Windrow compost turning machine
Windrow compost turning machineWindrow compost turning machine
Windrow compost turning machine belongs to small compost turning machine, which is relatively simple and convenient to operate. Because the windrow turning machine does not need to build a fermentation tank alone, it can stack the fertilizer on the ground in long strips, which reduces the cost of soil construction. It is an indispensable professional composting equipment. Ground heap fermentation is a kind of fertilizer production mode which can save civil engineering and human resources.
When the material is stirred, crushed and dumped at the turning time of the windrow compost turning machine, the material contacts with the air in the process of throwing and resetting, and the oxygen concentration increases, which provides an appropriate environment for the aerobic fermentation of microorganisms. Windrow compost turning machine is not only faster than deep tank fermentation, but also effectively prevents the production of harmful and odorous gases in the fermentation process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and can produce good organic fertilizer.

Advantage of organic fertilizer windrow compost turning machine:
High efficiency, smooth operation, even turning and durable.
Control cabinet centralized control, can achieve manual or automatic control functions.
The overall energy consumption is low, which reduces the cost of organic fertilizer production.
There is no need to build fermentation tank, organic compost can be stacked in long strips.