What are the professional applications of disc granulator

Disc granulator is widely used in industry and fertilizer industry, and also widely used for coal powder, cement and other materials. As powder or small non viscous material, the selection of granulation equipment is more strict. The disc granulation machine is the core equipment of fertilizer production line. The disc pelletizer meets the requirements of industrial granulation, and it combines the multiple advantages of the traditional granulator, and has some breakthrough and transformation, so it has a wider application range.

Characteristics of disc granulator

The disc granulator has a strong built-in material with high strength. It is especially suitable for granulation of non cohesive materials such as cement, and mixed granulation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The granulating machine has the characteristics of uniform granulation and high granulation rate, which can effectively reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce the cost and consumption of granulation products, and meet the interests and needs of most industries.
disc granulator production application

Application of disc granulator

The improvement of the structure of the disc pelletizer machine also effectively improves the labor rate, and on the premise of reducing the labor intensity, it can create more wealth value in the same time. It is with these traditional granulators do not have the technical advantages, the disc granulator can be widely used in building materials and other areas of greater demand for non viscous materials. For granulation and other conditions of different materials, we can also customize the equipment to meet the production application.