Why is drum granulator suitable for the processing of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer

The rotary drum granulator is a fertilizer machine designed by us after years of compound fertilizer processing equipment. It is used to granulate various organic matters in the fertilizer production line and after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic matter granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried and crushed, and the spherical particles can be processed by direct batching. The rotary drum granulator is suitable for all kinds of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers and can save a lot of energy.

New type fertilizer drum granulator features:

1.The pellets produced are spherical.
2.The organic content can be as high as 100%, realizing pure organic granulation.
3.Utilizing the feature that organic particles can grow up inlaid with each other under a certain force, no binder is needed when granulating.
4.The granules are solid and can be sieved after granulation, reducing drying energy consumption.
5.Suitable for organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer, the moisture content of the raw material can be 20-40%.