Turning machine for windrow fermentation organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Windrow compost turning machine is a kind of turner equipment used in strip stacking composting process, which includes wheel type turning machine and crawler type turning machine in terms of walking mode. Different from the trough compost turning machine, this windrow compost turner does not need to be built, and only one piece of open space can be used for composting fermentation.
Since there is no need to build a fermentation tank separately to stack materials, the cost of civil works is reduced. The section of the strip may be trapezoidal, irregular quadrilateral or triangular. Strip compost has a good prospect in the field of farm waste treatment and resource utilization.

If the strip stacking compost is manually turned, not only the labor intensity is high, but also the effect of composting fermentation is not good, and the quality of compost products is not guaranteed. So for modern manure fermentation organic fertilizer manufacturing process, windrow turning machine is indispensable professional composting equipment.

There are many kinds of classification methods for compost turner. The most intuitive method is to see whether there is a driving power source. It can be divided into towing dumper and self-propelled dumper. Take the crawler turner as an example. It is upgraded from the wheel dumper. More emphasis is put on the caterpillar to avoid the phenomenon that wheels are easy to slip when dumped. The working part of the machine is a horizontal drum with dialing teeth. The drum is assembled in the middle of the bridge structure. When working, the stacker rides across the stack as a whole, while the rotor is turned backward by a special power drive. The teeth on the rotor tear and roll the material, and throw it to the rear.
windrow compost turning machinewindrow compost turning machine
This type of crawler turner is actually reset once after each turn. Windrow compost turning machine has simple structure, high reliability and flexible use. Especially compared with the trough type compost turning machine, the user can save the civil construction investment required for the building and reduce the cost for the user.