Disc fertilizer granulator export of Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers

A disc fertilizer granulator machine is delivered from the factory of Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers. This disc fertilizer granulator was ordered by a customer who had done business, the customer purchased a set of organic fertilizer production equipment. We designed and built the organic fertilizer manufacturing process for the customer abroad. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process can recover the separated solid manure to produce organic fertilizer. 
Customers are satisfied with the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and bought a fertilizer granulator machine from our company again. The following picture shows the delivery of the granulator machine.

Disc fertilizer granulator is the main fertilizer granulator machine in fertilizer manufacturing. It is often used in granulation of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other fertilizers. After applying organic fertilizer to soil, the content of soil organic matter can be significantly increased, and then the soil organic nitrogen can be increased. The amino acid nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and amino sugar nitrogen in the soil organic nitrogen component will increase significantly after using organic fertilizer. In order to ensure the level of soil mineralized nitrogen, organic fertilizer should be continuously added to the soil. Firstly, straw substances were added to the feces for fermentation, and the fermented compost is systematically processed by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and granulated by granulator machine to be processed into different types of organic fertilizer products.

The disc fertilizer granulator machine has the advantages of uniform pelletizing, easy control of water content and high pelletizing strength. Moreover, the disc fertilizer granulator has the advantages of simple structure, convenient control, less power consumption and stable operation. As shown in the figure, this fertilizer granulator machine is composed of a disc and a base. In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the mixed material is transported by the conveyor to the upper side of the disc, and the fertilizer is wrapped into particles by the rotating and sprayed liquid of the disc.
disc fertilizer granulator machine

Huaqiang Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers has excellent guidance and innovation in this industry. Our fertilizer machinery has been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and other countries and regions. As a well-known fertilizer machine manufacturer in China, we have been innovating for many years on the basis of fully absorbing foreign advanced technology. We have successfully developed a series of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine, drum dryer and rotary screenng machine. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process has been widely used in many fields such as chemical industry and feed.