Advantages and precautions of NPK organic fertilizer granulator

The humus in organic fertilizer increases the content of soil organic matter, which is beneficial to the formation of good soil structure, especially the increase of water stable aggregate structure, so as to improve the tightness, aeration, water retention and heat status of soil, and has a good effect on the water, fertilizer, air and heat conditions that determine the soil fertility. It is beneficial to improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and improve the soil fertility.

Using NPK fertilizer granulator to make organic fertilizer into a spherical shape has many advantages:
1. Make the land easier to digest, so that the organic fertilizer can be quickly integrated with the land.
2. Make the nutrient distribution of organic fertilizer evenly.
3. Convenient transportation.
4. Convenient storage. We can dry the fertilizer and store it in the warehouse without worrying about the deterioration or rot of the organic fertilizer.

When applying organic fertilizer, the consumed organic fertilizer should be continuously replenished. In a few years, soil structure will be destroyed and consolidated by chemical fertilizer alone. On the other hand, the content of soil organic matter is increased, and the soil organic matter is constantly updated. The conversion of organic fertilizer into soil organic matter accounts for about 2 / 3 of the annual formation of soil organic matter.
NPK organic fertilizer granulator

When using organic fertilizer making machine:

1. Before starting up: it is necessary to heat up the equipment for the first time, which generally requires 40-50 minutes.
2. Working: when the organic fertilizer granulating machine works normally, the machine temperature should be kept stable.
3. Shutdown: when the organic fertilizer granulator stops suddenly, the power supply of the main engine must be cut off.

When installing drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and NPK fertilizer granulator, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the main machine is vertical to the ground. After installation, first check whether the screw of the machine is loose. If it is loose, please reinforce it to avoid accidents.