How to extrude and granulate organic fertilizer by double roller granulator

Due to the high technical index and good organic fertilizer manufacturing process of roller press granulator, the granular organic fertilizer can be quickly dissolved into the soil. So how does double roller press granulator squeeze and granulate organic fertilizer?

Forming mechanism of double roller granulator

The powder material moves along the roller surface and begins to slide. When it enters the bite angle, the material has no relative slip and begins to be compressed. This effect is continuous. From the beginning of compression to the final compression to the minimum volume, the mass of the material per unit arc length between rolls remains unchanged, while the density changes from small to large. That is to say, the mechanism of roller granulator is pure volume action. The pressure acting on the granulated material in the mould cavity is indirectly formed at a certain height on the roller, and its size depends on the shape, length, volume of the die cavity, the filling degree of the material and the properties of the processed material.