Analysis of two common faults of double roller press granulator

Axial dislocation of ball and socket of double roller granulator.
Fault analysis:
1. The bolt of adjusting sleeve is loose;
2. Loose fit between roll skin and shaft.
1. Tighten the bolts after alignment;
2. Replace the roll skin or shaft of double roller press granulator.
double roller press granulator

The particles of roller extrusion granulator are not spherical or cake like.
Failure analysis:
1. The supply of organic fertilizer manufacturing process is insufficient;
2. The double roller gap is too large;
3. The gap of the double-roll extrusion granulator is small at both ends and large in the middle.
1. Satisfy the supply of fertilizer during fertilizer production;
2. Adjust the gap between the rollers;
3. Grind off both sides to reduce the gap.