Selection and comparison of granule and powder organic fertilizer equipment


Why use granular organic fertilizer

At the beginning of the development of organic fertilizer, the product is powdery. Powder fertilizer is easy to cause segregation, difficult to control caking, poor mobility, difficult to realize mechanized fertilization, and easy to form dust in the process of application and loss.
One of the ways to solve the problems caused by powder fertilizer is to realize the granulation of fertilizer. What is the nutrient leakage characteristics of granular organic fertilizer and powdery organic fertilizer in flooded soil?
Some studies have shown that nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, inorganic phosphorus, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus in the soil leakage liquid after fertilizer application into flooded soil were determined With the change of potassium content, the slow-release performance of organic fertilizer was enhanced to a certain extent after granulation treatment; there were some differences in nutrient dissolution and leakage between granular fertilizer and powdery fertilizer, and the leakage loss of nitrate nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus could be significantly reduced by applying granular fertilizer.

From this point of view, the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to process raw materials into pellets is a general trend. Compared with powders, the market for pellets is broader and the price is more advantageous. But for investors, whether to choose powder organic fertilizer equipment or granular organic fertilizer equipment, they must make a conclusion based on their own specific circumstances.

Selection of Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

The first thing to consider is the personal financial strength. After all, the granular organic fertilizer production line needs to add more equipment, such as double roller granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pelleting machine, disc granulator and drum granulator. Different granulation equipment is selected according to the process.

Therefore, the granular organic fertilizer production line implements a more complex process, and the investment in hardware and personnel is higher than that of the powder organic fertilizer production line; secondly, in terms of use, it is necessary to consider whether the fertilizer is used for personal use or put on the market. If you are also engaged in the cultivation of food or cash crops and do not consider the market, you can still consider the powder with low investment cost. If it is put on the market, it is more suitable for users to favor granular organic fertilizer.