Application of double roll extruding granulator in npk fertilizer production line

 Double roller press granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulation equipment which uses strong pressure to make solid materials aggregate. The granulation discharge does not need to be dried.

The material is kneaded by two counter rotating rollers in the roller extrusion granulator. When the solid material is subjected to the external force of the extrusion granulator, the air between the powder particles is removed first, such as rearrangement, so as to eliminate the space between the materials. When the material is kneaded by the extruding granulator, the particles will deform or move, and a strong van der Waals gravity reorganization will occur. During the final stage of kneading and granulation process, the energy that gives energy to the system by pressure forms a hot spot at the contact point between the ions, but the material melts. When the temperature drops and the material cools down, it will form the fixed and unchangeable particles.
In the use of 
organic fertilizer machine such as roller press granulator, attention should be paid to feeding. Usually, the materials are crushed by hammer crusher and then transported to the silo of granulator by screw conveyor. It is necessary to ensure the smooth transportation of materials. If the load is too large, the motor load will be too large or the machine failure will be directly caused.