What is the difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment?


Generally speaking, the organic fertilizer equipment is mainly divided into two parts, fermentation and granulation. The equipment used mainly includes pelletizer equipment, livestock and poultry manure treatment system, semi wet material crusher, roller extrusion pelletizer, drying system, etc. The treatment process of organic fertilizer equipment is slightly complicated, among which the main factors affecting the fermentation part are microorganism, carbon nitrogen ratio, water, PH value, aeration control, etc. Because the fermentation effect will be affected if one factor is not well controlled, the characteristics of organic raw materials are that the raw materials are relatively light, relatively rough, and the adhesion rate is relatively low. There is also a big difference between the production granulation part and the inorganic fertilizer part, because the organic material and inorganic material are different, while the use of inorganic fertilizer is based on chemical reaction. Generally, it only contains one or two specific elements, which has a great effect on the improvement of crops in a short time, but it will cause certain harm to soil elements and plant growth environment if we forget for a long time, The raw materials used for organic fertilizers are agricultural wastes, such as straw and household garbage, which have played a certain role in the sustainable development of the environment.

Organic fertilizer equipment will be gradually developed in recent years, and will be widely used in green food, vegetable planting and municipal greening. Although the production process of organic fertilizer equipment is complex, in general, its production cost and risk are relatively small, and the selection of raw materials is very extensive. As for the difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment, you can refer to the annual output, fermentation mode, mechanization degree and other factors when selecting equipment.

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