How to apply fertilizer to rubber tree

Fertilization is one of the important measures to make rubber trees grow fast and produce high yield. Proper fertilization measures should be formulated according to the needs of rubber trees, soil properties and fertilizer characteristics. Like other crops, rubber trees need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, plough, hammer, copper, zinc, molybdenum and other elements. Different nutrients have different effects on the growth and production of gum trees. Therefore, according to the growth characteristics and soil properties of rubber trees, organic fertilizer production equipment produces special fertilizer for rubber tree growth.
rubber tree

Effect of different fertilizer and nutrient on rubber tree

1. The effect of nitrogen on the growth and production of gum trees nitrogen is a component of protein, chlorophyll, enzyme (also a kind of protein), nucleic acid, etc., while protein, chlorophyll, enzyme, nucleic acid are the basic components of plants, and are also the basic substances for the growth and reproduction of plants.
Nitrogen supply is good, gum tree sprouts more, leaves more, leaves hypertrophy and green. Because of more chlorophyll, stronger photosynthesis, more sugar is produced, the growth of all parts of the gum tree is fast, the stem is thick, the growth potential is good, the bark is rich and tender, and the gum production capacity is large. However, the excessive nitrogen supply will make the branches and leaves grow too vigorously, the amount of leaves is too much, the crown is too large, the head is heavy and the feet are light, the wind surface is large, and it is easy to suffer from wind damage.

2. The effect of phosphorus on the growth and production of gum trees phosphorus is the tissue part of nucleic acid, nucleoprotein, phospholipid, and other essential mediators in metabolism such as ATP. In fact, phosphorus is involved in almost all kinds of life activities of plants.

3. The effect of potassium on the growth and production of gum trees potassium exists in the form of ions in plants. It is in the state of soluble salt in cell solution and in the state of adsorption in cell structure components. The role of potassium in the growth and development of gum trees is closely related to the synthesis and transfer of carbohydrates.
rubber tree

4. The effect of magnesium on the growth and production of gum trees the effect of magnesium on the growth of gum trees is first manifested in that it is a component of chlorophyll, so it first affects the photosynthesis of gum trees. Magnesium is also involved in some metabolic systems, such as phospholipid metabolism, some enzyme activities, nuclear protein formation and so on.

Different application of fertilizer in different periods, different soil properties, fertilization is also different. It is necessary to pay attention to the growth of rubber trees in daily management. The special fertilizer is processed by organic fertilizer granulator, and the rubber tree is fertilized pertinently. In addition to organic fertilizer machines, we also provide complete set of NPK fertilizer production line. It can process fertilizer for different crops.