Differences between disc granulator and extrusion granulation equipment

In the fertilizer processing industry, new fertilizer equipment is constantly introduced at the same time. Disc granulator, roller press granulator and drum granulator have not been abandoned all the time. The reason why these equipments are not eliminated is that they are very convenient in NPK fertilizer production line and production operation and have irreplaceable granulation characteristics. Let's learn about the difference between disc granulator and extrusion granulation equipment.

Characteristics of disc granulation equipment

The disc granulator belongs to a type of disc granulation equipment. The main thing of the machine itself is the granulation disc. The corners of the pelletizing discs are all in the form of arcs, and the granulation rate of the disc pelletizing production equipment is as high as about 95%. There are multiple discharge openings on the whole granulation tray, and it is very flexible and convenient during the production operation, which is convenient for the intermittent production operation of the NPK fertilizer production line. Disc fertilizer granulator is not only convenient for us to observe the production situation at any time, but also reduces labor intensity during production, and also improves production efficiency. The overall structure of the disc granulation production equipment is made of high-quality steel plates, and the steel granules are also supported by multiple steel plates to support the stability of the disc granulation equipment. The fertilizer granules produced by the disc granulation production equipment are relatively uniform in size, and the equipment runs relatively smoothly.
disc fertilizer granulator

Features of double roller press granulator

Double roller press granulator is a kind of extrusion granulation equipment. This extrusion granulation equipment is a fertilizer equipment that can be produced without drying at normal temperature. It is also very convenient to produce. Has the characteristics of one-time molding. The disadvantage of the roller extrusion granulator is that the output is relatively low, but you can also customize extrusion granulation equipment of different specifications and multiple sets of granulation according to your actual production situation.
double roller press granulator