Automatic control production of large compound fertilizer production line

In the actual production of compound fertilizer, there will be a variety of emergencies. It is possible that when the pelletizer is in normal operation, the feeding port of the material will be blocked due to the too fast feeding speed, and the motor on other supporting equipment will be overheated or even burnt due to overload. Our workers may not find out in time when they are working, which leads to equipment failure and shutdown maintenance, which increases the production cost invisibly. If there is a complete NPK fertilizer production line control system, then the loss of this situation can be reduced to a lower level. If there is a problem anywhere on the line, it can be immediately observed through the electronic control display screen, and the problem can be solved in a timely manner. Including the adjustment of production volume and production speed, it can be done through the electronic control system.
NPK fertilizer production line site
For a NPK fertilizer granulation production line, the production cost is undoubtedly the concern of most fertilizer manufacturers. Normal operation and maintenance cost of fertilizer granulator machine, power consumption of complete pelletizing equipment, manpower to operate equipment, and loss of accessories, etc. Among these costs, the labor cost can be reduced to a great extent. With a complete electronic control system, the labor cost can be greatly reduced. In normal production, if there is no electric control system, then a line needs at least 8-10 people. If there is, only 4-5 people can complete the production task. Our NPK fertilizer production line can realize intelligent, advanced and scientific granulation by cooperating with automatic control system.