Benefits of applying organic fertilizer to oil palm

Oil palm is a perennial evergreen gymnospermous woody plant. It not only consumes a large amount of nutrients, but also has characteristics of nutrient demand. In addition to N, P, K and trace elements, the demand for lignocellulose is higher. It is not enough to plant oil palm only by using chemical compound fertilizer. The predatory use of soil will eventually lead to the deterioration of soil environment, the increase of plant diseases, and ultimately unable to produce. The special oil palm fertilizer can be processed by the organic fertilizer production equipment to meet the growth needs of oil palm.

Application of organic fertilizer in oil palm has incomparable advantages over chemical fertilizer
1. Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients and uniform release for a long time. The organic fertilizer is rich in various nutrients needed for oil palm growth. The energy source continuously supplies oil palm growth. Besides a lot of elements, it also contains medium and trace elements, which can promote the growth of oil palm in an all-round way.
2. Improve soil structure and enhance soil nutrients. Because the soil in the tropics is mostly red and yellow soil, the soil is poor, the organic matter and nutrient content are low, and the organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter, which can improve soil physical properties, improve soil water retention and fertilizer retention, and prevent soil erosion.
3. Improve soil biological activity and stimulate oil palm growth. Organic fertilizer is the main source of energy and nutrients for microorganisms. The application of organic fertilizer is beneficial to the activities of soil microorganisms, and can produce a variety of amino acids and plant hormones, which can promote the growth and development of oil palm.
oil palmorganic fertilizer particle

The waste produced by oil palm itself is also a good raw material for processing organic fertilizer. After fermentation by the windrow turner, the waste compost can be processed into organic fertilizer. According to the growth demand of oil palm, the raw materials should be added with appropriate NPK inorganic fertilizer, compost, mineral elements, and special fertilizers can be made through organic fertilizer granulator to solve the oil palm needs.