Process for producing compound fertilizer by using disc granulator

The disc granulator is one of the important equipment for the production of compound fertilizer, and its main working part is a rotating inclined disc. It is based on the principle of powder material agglomerating into particles, making the powder material with wet surface continuously roll or flip inside the disc granulator equipment, plus the extrusion of mechanical action, to promote these powder materials to gradually form particles. Through the reasonable selection of pelletizer parameters, the output of NPK fertilizer production line can be increased and the product cost can be greatly reduced.

The general process of compound fertilizer production with disc granulator is batching, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and packaging. Granulator, drum dryer and cooler are the main equipment. The pelletizing rate of disc is usually 30% - 40%. The material transportation between dryer and cooler is connected by belt conveyor. The disc granulator is suitable for NPK fertilizer production line with an annual output of less than 50000 tons.
disc granulation NPK fertilizer production line
All kinds of basic fertilizers are measured according to the proportion required by the formula. After mixing evenly, they are transported to the disc granulator by the belt conveyor. After pelletizing, they enter the dryer. After drying, cooling and screening, the large particles are crushed and returned to the batching process together with the powder. The qualified particles enter the surface treatment process, and then they are measured and packaged after being coated or powdered. The gas and dust produced in the drying process can meet the discharge standard through the induced draft fan and dust collection equipment, and the recovered materials can be returned to the batching process.

As mentioned above, the disc fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the whole production process. The selection of quality-assured equipment will help to increase the output and efficiency. Huaqiang fertilizer processing equipment, from equipment selection to production, from production to transportation, excellence, and strive to customer satisfaction. Welcome to consult, we design fertilizer manufacturing process according to your situation.