Characteristics of bio organic fertilizer compared with chemical fertilizer


Bio organic fertilizer has the following characteristics:

1.The yield increase is not obvious

The application, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers with the same input are expected to have a significant yield reduction effect. Wheat, corn, rice and other food crops reduce output by about 15%, fruit trees, melon and other crops by about 20%, and vegetable yields by about 30%. Therefore, when processing organic fertilizer products, the fertilizer factory will add other nutrients such as NPK, and use organic fertilizer granulator to make granules to neutralize the fertilizer effect.
organic fertilizer granulator


The adsorption material in refined organic fertilizer can greatly reduce the loss of fertilizer source, thus promoting the purification of river, lake and sea.

3.Labor and time saving

organic fertilizer is used as base fertilizer, which is more labor-saving and efficient. The refined organic fertilizer not only has distinct effects on various crops such as grain crops, apples and vegetables, but also on various flowers and grasslands. The flower buds are large and the flowering period is long after the use of flowers.

4.The effective period of increasing fertilizer

The effective period of refined organic fertilizer is 3-6 months longer than that of single fertilizer. Organic fertilizer particles lose less fertilizer efficiency in the soil, and the fertilizer efficiency lasts for a long time. The organic fertilizer products are refined by processing equipment such as fertilizer granulator machine.
bio organic fertilizer

5.Improve soil

The application of bio organic fertilizer can promote the growth of soil microorganisms, improve soil activity, improve soil structure and improve soil fertility.

6.Improve the quality of crops

The application of organic fertilizer can not effectively improve the sugar content of various crops such as watermelon, pear, apple, Hami melon, yellow peach, sugarcane, beet, etc., and add vitamin C content.

7.Strengthen crop resistance

Applying organic fertilizer can add cold resistance and drought resistance ability of crops, and has certain effect on avoiding fruit tree decay and vegetable downy mildew.

8.Promote the growth and development of crops

The application of organic fertilizer can add the cold resistance of crops, improve the seedling rate, promote the development and growth of roots, and add the absorption capacity. It can improve the respiratory intensity, light and function of crops, and can be used as two-way conditioning of enzyme in the object.

Bio organic fertilizer has more advantages than ordinary chemical fertilizer. We provide organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, and process organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency.