Bio-organic fertilizer equipment-organic fertilizer granulator and crusher

Bio-organic fertilizer equipment combines organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer in processing technology, so that bio-organic fertilizer has the characteristics of both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Compared with chemical fertilizer, ordinary organic fertilizer and farm manure, it has advantages that can not be ignored. Bio-organic fertilizer has been widely welcomed in the fertilizer market and has played a great role in agriculture.

Waste of bio-organic fertilizer equipment in production is an important problem in production process. The performance of bio-organic fertilizer equipment affects the consumption of production process and the maintenance cost of investment, including power, manpower and so on, which will cause excessive consumption due to the shortage of equipment. The production of bio-organic fertilizer equipment is mainly embodied in two aspects: organic fertilizer crusher and organic fertilizer granulator.

At present, the crusher used only supports a single raw material. It needs to be crushed by a variety of crushing methods, then mixed and proportioned. It also needs several crushers to participate in the operation, which consumes a lot of energy and costs a lot. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Brand organic fertilizer crusher (Half-wet Material Crusher) is used for crushing organic matter with water content. It is suitable for crushing organic matter after fermentation. It also has good grinding effect on hard materials such as glass bricks, ceramics and gravel. Semi-wet material grinder shortens the process of bio-organic fertilizer, reduces equipment investment, and saves the production cost of organic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer crusher

In the production of bio-organic fertilizer equipment, granulator is mainly the problem of returning material. The pass rate of pelletizing machine is only 60%, and the return material usually has high and uneven moisture content. The operation of return material is more difficult and the loss is greater.
Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Brand Two-in-One Organic Fertilizer Granulator is specially designed for bio-organic fertilizer production. It uses wet granulation technology and has a unique stirring structure. The organic fertilizer granulator not only can granulate many kinds of organic substances, but also can granulate crude fibre materials which are difficult to granulate by conventional equipment. The organic fertilizer granulator has high pelletizing rate and fewer returns.
two in one organic fertilizer granulator