Why bio-organic fertilizer can promote crop production

Beneficial microorganisms in bio-organic fertilizers can multiply in large numbers in soil to form dominant populations, occupy root niche, antagonize or inhibit the growth and reproduction of other harmful microorganisms (such as pathogenic microorganisms) in order to reduce their chances of infecting crop rhizosphere. Functional bacteria can improve soil fertility after they play their roles. For example, nitrogen-fixing microorganisms can increase the source of nitrogen in soil. Phosphorus-dissolving and potassium-dissolving microorganisms can decompose insoluble phosphorus and potassium in soil and make crops absorb and utilize them. Many microbial strains can produce metabolites beneficial to crops in the process of growth and reproduction, such as vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, indole acetic acid, gibberellin and other physiological active substances, which can stimulate the growth of crops and enhance their resistance to disease and stress.

Bio-organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, including amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other organic components and N, p, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu and other elements. These nutrients not only can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, but also can effectively improve soil fertility, water retention, buffer and aeration conditions, and provide a good growth environment for crops.

Compared with other fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers not only contain more complete nutrients and functional microbial agents, which can help release potential nutrients in soil and promote the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in crop rhizosphere, but also have the advantages of high bioavailability, long action period, low cost and no harm to soil and environment. Long-term use of bio-organic fertilizer can effectively improve soil, improve soil fertility, regulate soil and rhizosphere microecological balance, and improve crop resistance to disease and insect pests and crop product quality.
bio-organic fertilizer equipment process
Bio-organic fertilizer, as a highly efficient and environmentally friendly product, is an inevitable choice for agriculture to achieve sustainable development. Bio-organic fertilizer production equipment can make organic waste into organic fertilizer, realize resource utilization, and have high economic, social and ecological benefits. Organic fertilizer production equipment has broad prospects for development, and attracts more and more investors'attention.