Organic fertilizer manufacturing plant solves the problem of livestock manure pollution

Pollution of livestock manure
With the continuous expansion of animal husbandry production scale and the continuous improvement of intensive degree, the environmental pollution of livestock and poultry excreta is becoming more and more serious. Taking pig farms as an example, a pig's lifetime excretion is about 1.1 tons, a sow’s annual excretion is about 4 tons, and a pig farm's annual concentrated excretion is huge. In addition, cattle, sheep, geese, ducks and other farms excretion, the number is very large.
Because of the separation of farming and planting, most of the animal manure that could have become organic fertilizer is discharged directly without treatment. These excreta are discharged into rivers and lakes, causing pollution of farmland and water sources, which poses a great threat to the living environment and water sources. The large amount of feces and urine accumulated in the production of livestock and poultry will not only pollute the surface soil and groundwater, but also pollute the atmosphere with harmful gases, which will cause a series of hazards. Relevant studies also show that livestock and poultry manure is not the whole source of greenhouse gases, but also one of its important sources.
Organic fertilizer manufacturing
Organic fertilizer manufacturing plant process livestock manure
Organic fertilizer manufacturing plant can process livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which has made a significant contribution to energy saving and emission reduction, and to reduce the pollution of excreta in animal husbandry. Organic fertilizer contains abundant organic matter and various nutrients needed by crops. The use of organic fertilizer is an indispensable link in energy and material circulation in agricultural production. In addition to nutrients, organic fertilizers also have unique effects in improving soil and fertility.
Organic fertilizer equipment is used to process animal manure, and raw materials are treated by fermentation, decomposition and granulation, etc. The organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line has been thoroughly decomposed, no secondary fermentation, no root burning and seedling burning will occur when it is applied to the field. It is very safe to use. Organic fertilizer equipment for industrial treatment of livestock manure, high production efficiency, low price of organic fertilizer, good benefits.