The development of biofertilizer production promotes organic agriculture

Biofertilizers usually refer to microbial fertilizers, whose raw materials are organic matrix and microbial bacteria. According to the types of microorganisms in manufactured fertilizers, it can be divided into simple microbial fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer.

Simple microbial fertilizer generally contains an effective microorganism, which can increase the supply of plant nutrient elements through the life activities of microorganisms, thus improving plant nutritional status and increasing crop yield. Compound microbial fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients needed for crop growth and development. Modern microbial fertilizer commodities tend to compound microbial fertilizer. Compound microbial fertilizers can be divided into two categories according to different nutrients: the first is the combination of microorganisms and organic substances; the second is the combination of microorganisms and organic substances and inorganic elements.
biofertilizer production
In industrial fertilizer production, biofertilizer is made from livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, agricultural by-products and organic wastes from food processing, and fermented with multi-functional compound microbial agent. It is an organic fertilizer containing a certain amount of functional microorganisms. Biofertilizer not only contains higher organic matter, but also contains functional bacteria to improve nutrient release ability in fertilizer or soil. It can not only provide a variety of inorganic nutrients and organic nutrients to crops, but also increase soil fertility. Biofertilizer has the quick-acting of inorganic fertilizer, but also the long-acting, water-holding and fertility-keeping of organic fertilizer.